Saturday, January 21, 2012

World's Best Smoothie

I made the world's best smoothie yesterday morning. I had the day off work so I went to the 9:30 WOD at the box. Therefore, I was able to use the progenex protein in my smoothie! I know it made all the difference. The stuff is chocolate flavored for goodness sakes. It tasted like a choc banana smoothie from Starbucks but even better-- and I didn't even use a banana. FYI, before the WOD I had an egg & spinach. Smoothie ingredients: fresh bluberries, frozen strawberries, a touch of spinach, cinnamon, greek yogurt (I don't think I even needed it) and spirulina...then a scoop of progenex, water and a few ice cubes. It was so creamy and delicious. Now I just need to get up early for the 6am workouts so I can have this delicious thing for breakfast....probably not gonna happen. :) Here's to dreaming. I guess I could make this for my post workout snack instead!!

I enjoyed the workout. Running Bear!  4 rounds for time: Run 800m & Bear Complex (a round of power clean, front squat, push press, back quat, back push press- bar to the ground, repeat 6 more times.) I did 26:30 something I think. I remember that I was chasing Kristy and she had a 26:10- I was chasing her- of course I remember her time, not mine! :)
Lunch wasn't as good, I ordered a chicken sandwhich (without bread of course!!) so I had grilled chicken, bacon, green leaf lettuce, tomato and provolone...kind of dissapointed with the provolne, wasn't at the time-- but now I am... get to that later.

Dinner- taco lettuce wraps- with delicious roasted pablano peppers, tomatoes and white onions with homemade Mexican seasoning, ground beef, avocado, green onion and Greek yogurt for a sour cream substitute.

Breakfast this morning was absolutely fantastic! I was pretty proud of myself. I was attempting to do something fritatta ish, ended up being more of a scramble so close enough. I made bacon, warmed the roasted veggies in the bacon grease, threw in green onions, avocado and spinach to warm along, then crumbled and threw in the bacon- and finally the eggs. Had some delicious blackberries to help with my sweet tooth.

Lunch was some chicken, steak, green beans & peppers from Green life. Activity: 1/2 mile run warm up and 21-15-9 push ups, sit ups, squats- I did it in 9:15, yes that is a little long-- BUT I did real push ups, chest touching ground everytime my friends. Ended with a few stretches.
But dinner.....dinner is going to be pizza (not paleo) and wine. That's right, Hank and I are cheating. The want and need to do so came out of no where and it came strong, and we don't want to ignore it. I've been reading a lot about incorporating cheats to keep this diet manageable, so its been on my mind. I was really praying I could go 6 weeks before introducing cheats, but 3 ain't half bad. I figure (and am hoping) we'll feel terrible and this will help us get through our next 3 weeks!!

And, because I am doing this- I am taking out feta and goat cheese moving forward-- any cheese for that matter moving forward, I'll make myself lose points if I have it. I'm going to keep Greek yogurt-- but I'm not allowing myself to eat it every day like I have been, I at least have to skip a day. Hey you cheat and there are consequences!

So there you have it. Just hours from 3 weeks in (Hank and I started New Years Day), and we are cheating, I struggle with the choice a little, but I am okay- I want to see what happens really. Here is the scoop about 1/2 way through:
21 days for us- challenge is 20- so that is where the points are stemming from:
Total points to be had: 40
Total points I've subtracted due to sneaky sugar (which will be considered at the end of this competition-- again, don't feel like these are 'real cheats' like we are doing tonight): 6
Total points I gave back when I realize NOT all packages have sugar: 2
Pizza & red wine (first real cheat): - 1 point
Total three weeks in: 35 out of 40 points

What I've learned today- I can go three weeks without eating pizza or drinking wine, but that's about my limit. (FYI I used to have pizza 2-3, sometimes 4 times a week)
What I'm grateful for- the discipline I've had for three weeks, and hope to have for three more.

Happy Saturday!

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