Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Monday

Overall its been a pretty good Monday, nothing too eventful, just a good old fashioned Monday. Not feeling very talkative or creative tonight either so I'm just gonna give you the goods...and hope to come back strong bloggin tomorrow! :)

Meals: Breakfast was a smoothie & some almonds, lunch was spinach, veggies & chicken sausage-- piece of advice, don't let your chicken sausage get cold after heating it, or make sure you can cook it in a skillet before eating, or bake it-- cause this chicken sausage was delicious on the pizza Saturday night, but it reminded me of a hot dog today and I pretty much gagged while eating lunch. Dinner was pre-made paleo again, delicious pork & some cauliflower - I always have to force feed myself veggies unless its sauteed spinach, with blueberries. Snacks throughout the day= almonds & apple (together, no carb can be left alone!).

Workout at the Brigade: I liked the workout tonight even though it was cleans, not so good at those clean things. Another 21-15-9 cleans and sit ups (holding a wall ball) Started in between the beginner & intermediate level with 22 kilos because I know I'm not great at these things but I like to think I've surpassed the beginner level-- but 18 into the 21 I switched to the beginner level of 17 kilos-- its all good, at least I tried to push! Finished in 7:15. We also did back squats 5@ 40%, 5@ 50%, max @ 60%- did 10 (max) at 35kilos.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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