Monday, January 9, 2012

Night of the temptations...

Happy National Championship night!

Short sweet tonight, Hank and I just got back from a party it's bed time. There was already one tempting party today, why not add another to really test myself.

Breakfast was a simple Smoothie - banana, spinach, Greek yogurt, some fresh mint leaves to really add some spark to start the day, and a turkey sausage link. I think I prefer the turkey sausage, more mild in the morning. I also waited to eat it until I go to work a) because my hunger isn't ramped up yet and b) because I was running late as usual! I love love love the snooze button.

Lunch was some roast (still overcooking a little, ugh, am gonna have to perfect this!) spinach and yellow pepper. I also got a nice treat- some yummy Mexican ish flavored soup made by Emilia, she read off the ingredients (I don't remember them- will ask Emilia so I can share and make myself) but it was all veggies, with chicken and chicken stock-- hoping that is paleo I tried to google it and think it is! Needless to say the was a lot of other yummy Mexican ish dishes that I couldn't indulge in- thanks to my co worker Ann for delivering my soup so I didn't have to look at it all and wonder- what if?

Dinner was a mojo salad with spinach, chicken, tomatoes, guac, salsa, red peppers- they assured us they use no sugar in their ingredients! Lots of dip, cheese, cookies and cake surrounded us- but we said no!

Great workout at cross fit brigade tonight 3 rounds of the following for time: 15 right arm kettle bell snatches, 15 sit ups with a wall ball, 15 left arm kettle bell snatches, 15 toes to bar, I did it scaled with the smaller kb and the smaller wall ball and knees to elbows in 13:56. Back squats- felt a little fatigued on these - did 3@ 50kilos for the max part. Had a post workout shake.

Go Bama! Go learfield schools! :)

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