Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fuller is better!

Day 2! Not as hungry today!

Maybe because I started with this delicious and colorful breakfast:
2 Scrambled eggs with an andouille sausage link and home-made salsa salad: tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, what I will now refer from now on to mexican spices: ground cayene pepper, paprika, chilli powder, ground garlic and cumin (avacado wasn't ripe enough to add :(...soon!) Although I have to say its for me to eat that much so early in the morning. Couldn't finish it. Took a multivitamin and Acidophilus supplement. Need to get some fish oil!
Lunch was leftover roast, peppers and fresh spinach. Snack was strawberries marinated in cinnamon (and I don't know if strawberries marinate funny in cinnamon or if I used chilli powder on accident-- but it tasted weird!) with almonds.

Here is dinner- like the pictures? I'm spicing up my blog people!

So I was a little worried (FYI, my New Years Resolution is worry less) when I heard my pre-made paelo food hadn't arrived yet, but realized I had some fresh ingredients in the fridge and just needed some meat. So I picked up some 80/20 ground beef and was too lazy to make hamburger patties so here you go! :) Hank liked it. Added some spinach sauteed in mexican seasonings and avacado oil with salsa salad to complete the meal, with an apple for dessert immediately following--- no naked carbs people!

As for the workout activity--> Crossfit Total. Olympic weight lifting. Max reps in back squat, shoulder press and dead lift.
BS: 55kilos, failed at 59K
SP: 25K, failed at 29K (my shoulders are my weakest link! I intend to change that)
DL: 73K, got so close to 75K- think it was mental I couldn't get there. Thanks coach Daniel for pushing me.
For those of you who are like - what the heck is with the kilos- its 2.2 pounds per 1 kilo (crossfit peeps- is that right?)
Had a post workout shake.

What I learned today:
1. That eating a more complete breakfast in the morning helps tremendously! Nervous about adding a raw egg to my smoothies-- had salmonella a few years back-- will work my way towards that.
2. That weightlifting is a challenge, but really fulfills my need to achieve, I have a lot to achieve in terms of weight and form, but the fulfillment is in the journey
3. That I cannot use agave nectar-- thanks for the pass Emily! :)

Earlier today, my co-workers and I were talking about taking time out of your day every day to think about what you are grateful for. One co-workers sister started a gratitude journal. Another started a tradition with his family to say every night at dinner what each family member was grateful for that day. So 'm going to do that with my blog. I'm going to start out generic, but hope to be more specific from time to time!

What I am grateful for:
1. My family, friends, fiance and my fiance's family.
2. My long vacation I took to be with the people listed above!
3. To be back to work to face this year's challenges and successes and to learn more about people and philanthropy every day.

Share what you are grateful for!

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  1. Dunnnn! I'm so proud of you. You're going to motivate me to do more weightlifting with my half-marathon training....we'll see how this goes!!!!