Sunday, January 15, 2012

Here is to celebrating without wine!

Lots of updates! Big day yesterday-- and today actually.

Feeling better! My attempt at paleo pizza. Attempt 1= okay, more attempts to come! I made the crust way too thick, but the toppings were delicious.

Quick snapshot on the day's meals before I get to pizza:
B: greek yogurt with strawberries & a scrambled egg, coffee
S: almonds
L: mojo spinach salad with ground beef, red peppers, green onion, gauc
S: beef with peppers & onions (small amt- we ate late)
S after dinner (we ate alot yesterday, but I got appetite back so that is exciting!): a little greek yogurt mixed with a banana & cinnamon

And then, pizza!!! Paleo style. (Lissa's recipe- close to it)
Crust: 16oz almond meal/flour, 2 eggs, 4 tbsp olive oil, 3 tbsp butter-- if you attempt this-- make the crust thin!!! I blame my mom for making it thick-- just kidding mom, we needed a rolling pin. :)
Toppings: homemade tomato sauce (5 roma tomatoes, tomato paste, Italian seasoning, 2 pieces of bacon, tomato paste, simmered for about 40 minutes or so-- it was chunky), chicken sausage, red onion, mixed bell peppers & feta!

Not too bad, almond meal crust is an aqcuired taste I believe, I think its going to make a wonderful pie crust and I have a paleo recipe in mind I hope to make next weekend, and a primal recipe in mind when I can add honey/ agave nectar! :)

Workout: 4 rounds of the following ( 2 before dinner & 2 after) 20 sit ups, 20 squats, 30 second plank.

Big Life news: I found my dress! First place we visited, and actually the first dress I tried on-- I did try on an additional 10 dresses or so and it came within three dresses --- the first dress won.  I can't believe it. And while I told the lady I was at my smallest and I wanted to go 2 sizes larger on the dress, she wouldn't let me. So my 6 week diet is probably now my 6 month diet (with some scheduled cheats and red wine allowed). AND, that is not all, Hank and I picked our place: Tennessee River Place. We really contemplated getting a bottle of wine to celebrate, but in the end, we said no. For me, and I think even more so for Hank-- a lot of this challenge is about proving we have the willpower to pass up our cravings. Two weeks in, we've been able to do so. Let's see what the next 4 bring. :) I'm looking forward to it- in a weird way.

B: 1 egg & 1 bacon
L: burger patty from Blue Plate with goat cheese, avocado, lettuce & tomato, a few green beans and a few pieces of fruit
S: almonds
D: chicken, green onion, red onion, bell peppers, spinach & an apple

Took it easy again, 3 rounds of 20 lunges, 20 push ups (on knees- last 10 real), 20 supermans

Big Life News:
Our pastor Ryan agreed to officiate our wedding! Another great message at The Net today, my mom really enjoyed it-- her, Hank and I definitely could relate. We discissed the parable of the wheat & the weeds in Matthew 13. Basically, long story short (I recommend you watch the message online to get the full more powerful story & message if you are interested-, weeds grow among the wheat and you cannot tell which ones are the weeds until the very end of the wheat's life-- when the wheat folds over because its produced its fruit (I'm telling ya!) and the weed stands tall but has nothing to show. Basically, we need to learn to live with what we think are the weeds in life (All the "why me" and "why not them" moments we have along with the "this isn't fair" and more) because its part of something greater in our lives that will help us produce our fruit (and in the end could be wheat!). Again, Ryan does a better job explaining! :)

And on a lighter and less important but still newsworthy note, I bought a pair of jeans today. The size jeans I bought were 3 sizes smaller than the size jeans I wore to the store! 3 sizes-- a size I haven't worn since middle school-- this stuff does work. Now I know I need to fit in these jeans to be able to fit into my dress. :)

Here's to another week down in the challenge! Have a great week everyone.

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