Sunday, January 8, 2012

Looking ahead

Took a break from blogging Saturday! One week down, five weeks to go.

Today was probably the hardest day yet. I "cheated" by my own standards. Dairy is allowed, but discouraged. Originally I said only greek yogurt & feta. But I had some mozarella cheese-- which I hoped I could do without-- but I feel as though if a little mozarella helps me avoid downing a pizza, I'll take it. Sunday is now my mozarella day. :)

Hank said it on day one, its amazing how much we look forward to food, we are consumed by it. Its a large part of our culture. A part I don't plan on giving up forever- however I hope I can start to see food more often as feul and only occassionly as pleasure.

Wasn't very hungry for breakfast, had a piece of bacon, some melon & some almonds. Hank and I shared a banana and almonds for a snack after church and before a wedding venue meeting.

Also, because I went to church, I took communion- which technically is against the rules (bread- grannted it was a teeny tiny piece and for spiritual reasons)! I probably could've cheated a lot more since I already missed a point, but that's not what this is about, its more than the competition (although the competition is a big part of it for sure!)

Lunch was tuna with mozzarrelllaaaa....and green beans.

I decided to try to make dinner exciting- lettuce wrap tacos-- I did allow the "allowed" dairy of feta & greek yogurt (works as sour cream), tomatoes, avacado, yellow peppers, ground meat. Very colorful.

Activity was yoga/ back was killing me from the deadlift workout and Ivan the Terrible was quite terrible. Long workout short ITT includes 150 of each: lunges, pushups & sit ups- done as quickly as you can. Stretching was nice and welcome.

I am thankful Hank and I found the Net Church- it was nice to be back today after traveling for the last, like, 18 weekends! It is a refreshing, relaxing & renewing place. I look forward to the series ahead and the lessons we'll learn and apply to our life. Today, we explored a parable of the sower Mt 13:3-9. To really, really summarize- the parable teaches us that if we allow Christ's "seeds" to stick with us- not bouce off, get choked out by other things etc., we will find a life full of crops! I've seen this parable come to life in many ways. Our pastor also pointed out that its not about what you've done in the past, its about what you try to do moving forward.

So here is to looking ahead, and a little looking back: "Seven days without a beer, without a coke...has to be a record in my lifetime" - Hank (although I'm assuming he didn't drink beer and coke when he was a lil one.) We've made great strides, but we have a journey to go! The fun is in the journey.

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  1. You are so right about how much we look forward to eating! We are trying to adjust our mindset to one of "eat to live - not live to eat".