Monday, January 2, 2012

Paleo Challenge Day 1

Hello, welcome to my first blog. I hope its not too boring. I've started this to track my paleo challenge, share workouts and recipes, and hopefully to share something entertaining every once in a while.

The last diet challenge I took part in was my own- I tried to go vegan for a week, I didn't last a I decided to go vegetarian, I lasted only two meals. Good news I'm allowed to eat meat on this challenge.

But no grains and no sugars. Meals must be balanced: fat, carbs, protein. No pizza, no quessadillas, no choc. ice cream, and no alcohol! Dairy is discouraged, however I plan to keep (a) greek yogurt and (b) feta in moderation. All for 6 weeks. Here is to lasting more than a day!

So here we are- day one.
Breakfast: My breakfast smoothie! All though it doesn't quite feel the same without the whey protein. 1/4 cup of greek yogurt, a handful of strawberries, one small orange, almonds, 1 tsp spirulina (sp?), 1 large kale leaf, ice, water, cinnamon.
Lunch: leftover ham and greens with olive oil, a medium apple, leftover sweet potatoes.
Snack: Handful of each -->home-made kale chips (made with avacado oil & garlic, seasoning salt & pepper), and baked trail mix: almonds, pecans, bananas & cinamon with agave nectar drizzled-- I hope agave nectar is okay, ran into coach Rob at Greenlife and he suggested the nectar in place of honey- but now I am worried that was off the list....if it is I hope I get a pass this time and that I get my point :) I think this snack was my favorite of the day!
Dinner: Sirloin tip roast, orange bell pepper, spinach sauteed in olive oil, strawberries & cinnamon

Activity: Baseline-- 6:18
500 M row
40 squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups (6 rx, 14 knee)
10 pull ups (mid size black band with straight leg)
Post workout: protein shake, 1 scoop

What I learned today:
1. That I need more fat in/ with my breakfast. I was starving at the gym today and lightheaded after the workout. Eggs tomorrow it is!
2. That bean pots are slow cookers that cook fast...overdid the roast. :( Glad I trusted my gut to look at it halfway through the suggested time or it would have been trash.
3. That I can last longer than a day on this meal plan.
4. That paleo dishes are very colorful and it makes me want to take pictures of them.
5. That I will make it to day 2. Although I am hungry.


  1. Looks great, Ally! I was hungry, too. ;)Keep it up!

  2. Sounds like a yummy day Ali; 2 notes from me - we add an egg into our smoothies (yep, raw) and it makes them much more filling & also usually have a slice of bacon with them or sausage. & I hate to break it, but we decided no agave nectar or honey for the challenge although in moderation it is something that you can allow yourself when you go primal - we just thought that it was best to keep it off limits for this 6 weeks but you can get a pass :) LOVE the blogging!!!