Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Balancing Act

Happy Thursday.

Breakfast: Smoothie- strawberries, banana (a banana does wonders for a smoothie), kale, greek yogurt, spirulina, cinnamon, water & ice. small cup of coffee. 1/2 sausage link (its a pretty big sausage link).
Lunch: chicken, spinach, salsa salad incl. avacado- it was finally ripe!, and a little leftover beef. Not gonna lie, been eating this flavor for a few days and while I love it- was kind of over it at lunch today.
Snack: the juiciest, sweetest apple I've ever had and some almonds.
Activity: Bench press-  10 sets of 2- 30K, partner WOD 200m runs and tire flips- Amber, Karis and I did 126 flips in 12 minutes and I got 3 runs in. Post workout shake- oh how I look forward to these every day!
Dinner: Omelet with avacado, bacon, & spinach and red peppers sauteed in the bacon grease. I left the feta cheese at my house, but I was okay without it- missed it a little- but I survived. While avacado tastes nothing like cheese, it gave me that extra "something" I need with eggs. I also prefer eggs at night...or at least later in the morning. I want to try the egg cupcakes soon that other CF'ers are having.
Snack: strawberries, pecans and almonds with cinnamon!

What I learned today: the subject of balance - work/ life, daily activities balance, etc. has come up a few times in the past 24 hours. I find that I can easily get consumed with certain activities at work and outside of work that take time out of important relationships with other people. Time spent with others, me time, and God time are all just as crucial to health as diet, exercise and sleep.
What I'm grateful for: I'm grateful that I recognize this in myself and strive for balance as best as I can. I'm also thankful that I am going to shut the computer off and spend some quality relationship time with Hank here in a few minutes!

I hope you find balance in your life today. :)


  1. DUNN!!! I never knew you had such wisdom! Love you friend!!

  2. You are doing great! Love reading your blog.