Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pre-made paleo is here! Pre-made paleo is here!!!!!

So, started the day with some bad news. Read Kevin's post and Emily's response and realized I goofed. You get so focused on the sugar content, but you have to remember to check the ingredients-- there is hidden sugar everywhere, and it hides under different names like evaporated cane juice, etc.

So, what it boils down to is that basically all packaged meats/ packaged anything are off limits. This is easy to avoid at green life, but I realize now that shopping for meat at bi-lo are Publix is almost completely impossible. So needless to say the sausage and bacon I've consumed don't count for this challenge. To be honest, I didn't even know you could get bacon that wasn't packaged! And...I got so excited to see people list tuna on their meal posts (I had forgotten about tuna) so I ran out and bought some tuna-- but it was canned. :( I am guessing they had fresh tuna-- funny thing I like canned tuna but do not like the fresh stuff. 

So, instead of 20 points at this point (refresher- we get 2 points a day, 1 for activity, 1 for diet), I now have 14 points. While I agree I didn't fully earn my points, I don't believe I've cheated, and I'm remarkably proud of what I've been able to do these past few days. So, once again I'm looking ahead and planning on goofing no more! And I believe I can do it, because....

PRE-MADE PALEO IS HERE! I am sooooo excited. At least I have a few days where I don't have to worry about what I am cooking/ preparing but I'll know 100% for sure I'm eating high quality balanced meals.

Speaking of meals, breakfast was a smoothie (greek yogurt, spinach, banana, mint), lunch was turkey sausage & spinach, snack was apple & almonds (I'm about to have the same snack again) and dinner was pre-made paleo: pork carnita, delicious sweet potatoes (I don't know how there are not extra ingredients in this stuff) & carrots with beets--- could've done without those! :)

Missed crossfit tonight- bummed because they did some stuff I need to work on- thrusters/ clean & jerks, but I couldn't leave work. So, I'm off to be a slave to the treadmill, not excited about it but it will be good to go for a nice walk!

Today, I learned to read the entire label carefully, and I'm grateful for pre-made paleo!! Good night!


  1. Oh Alli, don't sweat the traces you had in the packaged stuff; all-in-all, you've stuck to the program. We were hardcore about that last challenge but this time around we're just trying to bring everyone around to the concept before getting super nitpicky & I am SURE you're not the only one that overlooked this. I realized there were even traces in the kind of fish oil I prefer; it is really super tough to avoid it but is what winds up pushing us towards nothing but whole foods (which is a goodn thing). Just let us know how many pts you docked yourself for as it will go into consideratoin for sure. I look forward to reading your blog each day; hope you love your premade paleo (that pork carnitas is my fave!)

  2. I thought I was commenting on your blog every day & just realized I wasn't typing in the password so that my comments would go thru :( but I got it now!

  3. Bob Evans and one brand of bacon are without sugar or corn syrup @ the BiLo.