Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grapes & Jousting

Its Day 9 of the challenge, not even going to say how many days to go. :)

Wasn't starving at breakfast had to force feed myself one scrambled egg, did not need to force feed myself the banana to go with it, a few sips of coffee and black tea through the afternoon. Because I had a light breakfast I enjoyed a mid morning snack of almonds & dried apricots (had this yesterday too, forgot to post!)

Lunch was boring same as yesterday- pot roast, spinach & yellow peppers, more delicious soup- soup is not boring! I indulged another snack in the late afternoon, a delicious & juicy honeycrisp apple and pecans.

Dinner was pretty yummy- this is something I actually made before this diet, maybe with a few more unhealthy ingredients. Tuna, egg, feta, spinach & tomato sauteed together and topped with avocado. 

The workout at Crossfit Brigade--- oh the workout. Reps of 21 (first round) 15 (second round) and 9 (third & final round) of the following turkish get ups - I used an 8kg kettle bell, wall balls - I used the green ball, I think its either 10 lbs or 10 kilos, I realize this is a big difference but oh well, overhead lunges with a 10kilo weight overhead, and burpees. I did it in 26:39. Had 2 full scoops of the post workout shake!

I've felt more tired after certain workouts and maybe even during workouts than I did tonights, but I've never felt so frustrated and fatigued as I did during this one. I was so close to having a "Biggest Loser" breakdown its not even funny! The encouragement was great, but there were a few times when I felt like yelling back but I'm glad I didn't, because a) I don't like to yell or get mad at people and b) I would've started crying. I've never been on the verge of crying during a workout and I got close tonight. Not sure if it was because I felt I had the endurance but my muscled weren't responding or what the deal was? I also cursed more during this workout than I probably have cursed in the past year! (Sorry grandma & grandpa- I promise I don't curse alot) so I apologize for anyone who was near me. Needless to say I'm glad I finished strong, but I know I have more in me.

I learned today why we say the fruit of life and why ancient important people were fed grapes and such-- because when you don't have ice cream and bakery cakes, fruit is so stinking sweet! I also learned that turkish get ups are my nemesis and since i'm referencing ancient times I wish I could joust the person who created them! Not really, but this picture in the cloud next to my head makes me smile.

I'm grateful for hard workouts like this one that push me to my limits and show me what I am capable of. What are your limits?

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