Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Queso No Bueno

Hola amigos. It was Hank and I's first time in a Mexican restaurant tonight since the beginning of the challenge, Mojo doesn't count...and no we didn't cheat (not that I know of...I hope!), although I'd venture to say it probably wasn't the highest quality meal we've had in a while.

So here is the scoop for meals:
B: eggs, banana & almond butter
L: pre-made paleo chk, veggies
S: banana chips and almond butter (the good-- no sugar stuff)
D: chorizo, tomato, pablano, avocado on spinach
S: banana, blueberries with a tbsp of almond butter with cinnamon
B: eggs & chk sausage
S: banana & almond butter
L: Pre-made paleo pork on top of spinach, avocado & tomatoes
S: banana chips with almond butter
D: Mexican restaurant: chk & beef skillet with onions, peppers, tomatoes without the rice, beans, tortillas, sub fresh avocado instead of their guac, a little salsa and a little eek, sour cream and add another eek, queso. Now points wise- dairy is allowed on this challenge...but I'm going to venture that queso is not on the preferred list, at all...I doubt sour cream is either.

Being so close, I thought Hank and I could've fought off the queso...but we just really wanted to go out to something different on this hump day--but we didn't want to go to mojo or blue plate or greenlife...or venture across town for a steak & sweet potato (although I'm kind of wishing we did...because my belly no likey me right now! ugh....) so I said we can get meat & veggies at our favorite Mexican joint, and we can have some queso--- too bad that "some" queso turned into licking the bowl of queso. Hopefully we avoided added sugars, I'll be honest we didn't ask...I'm gonna say we didn't cheat but I'll let Emily & Eric decide. :) Hank is going to kill me for putting that out there!

Truth be told- this is what we used to order at our Mexican restaurant:
Hank and I would share 1, sometimes most often 2 baskets of chips and a side of flour tortillas with salsa & queso to start, then we'd have our meal- I'd get the quesadilla and Hank a burrito, enchilada and a taco and we'd get extra queso and salsa to dump on!! 

So, better choices I guess... Hopefully that doesn't mess up measurements too much tomorrow. :)

Okay, now the WODs
Tuesday's WOD, yes before I was too lazy to re type, now I am too lazy to copy and paste, so I am linking. :) I did it in 15:01, forget what I did with the back squat...but hoping I do better on the crossfit total! 
Wednesday's WOD, I got 17 rounds of the pull ups with a black band! I was told I have now graduated from the black band to the green band, woo hoo.

Hank and I also did the baseline workout tonight, but I'm going to hold off telling you about that. I want to do a total results blog of what my strength and endurance gains were, measurements, weight, body comp, etc. along with a compilation of what I've learned, my goals moving forward and when I will make the recipes y'all shared with me I haven't gotten to yet! I will tell you Hank and I dropped our baseline time significantly.

CrossFit Faith has continued their spiritual wods based on self-discipline, check them out.

Crossfit total is tomorrow--- max deadlift, shoulder press & squat here we go. 


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  1. Cannot WAIT to hear your scores; all clear on the queso. You guys ROCK!