Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Last Week!!!

Wow, I cannot believe it-- week 6 here we are, in the home stretch, and on Super Bowl Sunday of all days! Luckily, Hank googled some paleo friendly Superbowl Sunday recipes, and we've got some wings and meatballs on the way to accompany the delicious sweet potato chips I had with salsa & guac! 

Too bad I'm not that into this year's Superbowl...I just am not a fan of winning teams always winning. The 49ers would have been more fun for me and then I could've used this blog to talk about perseverance and not giving up-- relating it to diet and life (or in my dream world, it would be the Browns at the Superbowl, talk about an inspiring blog from me! Oh well, maybe one day......), but alas, instead, I'm just going to give you all the goods for the past three days, help Hank cook, enjoy what I can of watching two northeast teams in a championship game AGAIN and I'll see you all here tomorrow.

Friday meals & WOD at CFB:
-1/2 portion almost oatmeal & and an egg w/ 1 piece of bacon, larabar, mojo spinach salad with ground beef, red peppers, gauc & salsa verde, sweet potato chips with salsa, skirt steak "fajitas" (no tortilla of course) with red peppers, onions, salsa & guac...Hank cooked the steak and it was delicious!
- "Cindy" AMRAPS of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups & 15 squats in 20 minutes, I did 14+5, black band pull ups, first 2 reps were full on push ups, next 4 were 5 real 5 knee, and then after that it was just knee push ups

Saturday meals & WOD at home:
-delicious quiche I made! almond crust with parm cheese, fillings: 4 eggs, sauteed 1/4 chopped onion & a healthy amt of spinach, roma tomatoes, feta, bacon! Yum Yum Yum. Had a banana & almond butter pre quiche, lunch- 3/4 portion of pre-made paleo pesto chk & veggies, snack a little slice of quiche, dinner at Blue Plate ribeye, green beans & fruit--- and I did have a healthy glass of wine (Jenn and her mom were in town, while I almost resisted, I didn't...there is something about sharing a glass of red wine with old good friends, its just American, and its Superbowl weekend and all....I slept like crap again), snacked on an apple and pecans
-15 AMRAP of 5 tuck jumps, 10 dips, 15 sit ups, 5 back extensions, I did 9-- I also cleaned my apt for 2 hours for Jenn and her mom, I'm guessing that counts as activity, too!

- 1 egg & apple with cinnamon, 1 slice of left over quiche, 1/2 larabar, sweet potato chips with guac & salsa, now awaiting Hank's creations. :)
- 15 minutes twist detox yoga...hey its something! 

What I am grateful for:
- A nice relaxing day, and Hank cooking for me tonight!
What I've learned:
- In all my years, never to give up hope for my Cleveland teams making the big games and hopefully to win a big game...there is always next year, and the next year, and the next year...and hopefully just one year in my lifetime??

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