Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adventures in Tilapia & one more day...

Hello Dunn-a-muffin fans!

I'm pretty giddy more day!! I am so excited. Plus, I've got some pretty cool gains which show me that I will not be eating this way for only one more day--- BUT I do get to take a break from reading labels and getting strange looks from waiters, enjoy a few sweets and cheesy cheesy treats (although I might lay off the queso) and I get to celebrate what I've accomplished by doing the exact opposite-- which seems kind of wrong, but yet oh so right.

My next blog will be all about results and goals going forward--so stay tuned to see! I can't wait to share. There may even be some before and after photos if I feel they are worth showing and if I decide if I am comfortable posting-- its the internet my friends, you never know these days. :) CFB peeps, I'll post on the blog and family/friends I'll send an e-mail to let you know I've posted, it will be sometime this weekend, early next week probably...I am going to take a break from blogging too!

I am also giddy because I cooked a fish that was not tuna for the first time, tilapia. And yes, it was really easy but it was a big first for me, plus I liked it! Probably cause its mild, but whatevs its fish and one of my goals moving forward is to eat more fish, so woohoo. Thanks Brandy for telling me that Tilapia was mild and Blair for telling me how to cook it!

Other meals:
B: 1 egg, banana & blueberries mixed with a tbsp of greek yogurt & some cinnamon
S: chk sausage
L: pre-made paleo dry rubbed chk over spinach & tomatoes with avocado oil
S: banana chips and almond butter
D: tilapia over sauteed spinach and some cauliflower something from pre-made paleo.
WOD was of course crossfit total...will tell you about that soon.

Good luck to all the CFB'ers competing this weekend! So sad I am not joining you/ cheering you on, hopefully next time. I know you all will do great...and most importantly have fun!

I've learned today that working at something and chipping away is worth it...sometimes you'll see big gains, others will be small and sometimes you'll see no difference at all or go back a step, and that can be a part of the journey and it makes you just push even harder. The journey is most of the fun. So while this challenge journey is nearing an end, the challenge truly continues everyday...there may not be cash or goody prizes to take home in the next challenge or the next, but the prizes will be much greater than that! I'm grateful that I've really pushed my limits and knowing I have a lot more to push.

Almost 24 hours till I am indulging in something delicious...don't worry I'll take a picture.

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